You will be able to purchase my art via email. I will send you a paypal invoice. Please include any special instructions that you might have for me. My email address is: I also accept e-transfers.  

***Please note, my curved and flat glass pieces are speciality items. If you are interested in purchasing these from me, please email me directly, as these take extra time to create. ****

Fine Prints: Satin, Glossy, Fine Art and Matte. 

8x10 $25.00

8x12 $35.00

11x14 $45.00

12x12 $55.00

16x24 $65.00


8x12     $75.00

11x14   $95.00

12x8     $105.00

16x24   $120.00

20x30   $150.00

24x36   $190.00 

30x40   $250.00

Metal Prints:

8x10 $55.00

8x12 $65.00

16x20 $150.00

16x24 $170.00

Glass Petals.

Glass Flowers